How will my wellness program be managed?

For over thirty years, Dr. Weinberg has been actively involved in clinical medicine and research, as well as the development of new pharmacologic drugs and medical devices to treat and manage high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, bone disease, chronic kidney and heart diseases, anemia, and other conditions.

In your Personal Wellness Program, Dr. Weinberg will evaluate your states of sleep, stress, diet, exercise, travel, sexual history, family, and mental health. Other main focuses will be your diet, nutritional status and exercise. In many cases you will be referred to an exercise program or trainer, and may maintain a daily diary of what your diet and exercise to review with Dr. Weinberg at short intervals. Each individual will have evaluated the effect of diet alteration, exercise and behavioral modification in order to modify an optimal weight loss and exercise program, or in some cases, utilize consultants in these areas. Body composition analysis will be utilized to assess your reductions in body fat while increasing your muscle and body water content.

Long standing and continuing involvement in research allows Dr. Weinberg to provide up-to-date care. For example, recent evidence suggests vitamin D deficiency may be a risk factor in cardiovascular diseases and even prostate cancer. Your vitamin D levels will be measured, and your diet and vitamin intake assessed.

Furthermore, Dr. Weinberg has recently served as Chief Clinical Operating Officer of Diversified Specialty Institute, Nashville, TN. One recent project was the development of DSI Bucks County Hospital, a specialty hospital for Women’s Health, Breast Cancer and Plastic Surgery. Technology used to evaluate Breast Health includes Digital (not analogue) Mammography and Ultrasound, CT scanning with contrast, Aurora MRI of the Breast, and Positron Emission Mammography (PEM). Cancer detection using these techniques will demonstrate lesions as small as 1-2mm, rather than the traditional 15-20mm by analogue mammography. Although the most sensitive technique, PEM scanning is available in only a few national centers, you will have access to cutting edge diagnostic procedures. At Marc Weinberg MD Personal Healthcare, Ltd. you will be educated where to obtain the most advanced evaluations for diagnosis, and treatment of your medical condition. No longer will your knowledge or management be limited by state boundaries or Managed Care.