• 1. "We have been going to Dr. Weinberg for twenty-five years. He kept me off dialysis for stopping the progression of my kidney disease utilizing his treatment strategies of using very high doses of blood pressure medication, angiotensin receptor blockers. As he lectured worldwide and presented his research on my kidney and heart diseases, he always took the time to enthusiastically explain how his new approaches benefited my health. My family found him to be always compassionate and caring; a doctor who would always take the time to listen to me." ....Frank
  • 2. "A thorough doctor with experience, knowledge and research experience gives me a sense of security. He is not afraid to perform necessary testing when appropriate and explain in detail reasons of necessity. By becoming educated about my problem, I feel I am in good hands with a caring and bright doctor. He would spend time during every visit to learn how my disease affected my marriage, relationships with my children, parents and other people!" ....Joyce
  • 3. "If it were not for Dr. Weinberg, my husband would not be alive. After severe chest pains, my husband was in the cardiac catheterization laboratory undergoing dilatation of the blood vessels around his heart within two hours. Normally, we would wait two hours just to sign into the Emergency Room and be acknowledged by the triage nurse! Within ten minutes Dr. Weinberg came into the emergency room, personally called the cardiologist, and made the difference between my husband having a major heart attack, or enjoying life with no damage to his heart. Thanks to Dr. Weinberg, now my husband is golfing and we are enjoying life!" ....Josephine
  • 4. "During my first visit to Dr. Weinberg, he diagnosed a large abdominal aneurysm. Within hours I was admitted to the hospital, surgery was performed soon thereafter, and my aneurysm never ruptured. Since that time he has closely monitored my health, with him finding two new, additional aortic aneurysms since that time. My second aneurysm was in my chest where most people die during surgery. Because this second aneurysm was associated with such a high mortality, Dr. Weinberg arranged surgery in Boston by a world's leading expert. I did very well and was home in one week. Now he has found one additional aneurysm which he is following and has determined that I have a "genetic condition" that predisposes me to this disease. I thank god every day that I did not die young as many of my relatives who have this familial disease. My surgeon in Boston calls Dr. Weinberg one of the best doctors he has ever worked with." ....Harry
  • 5. "In Thailand, I called Dr. Weinberg and complained to him of severe abdominal pain. After questioning me on the phone, he tentatively diagnosed a bleeding ulcer. After four hours, he located an international, English speaking hospital for me. After 7 days in the intensive care unit, with private nursing around the clock and good doctors that came to see me, I was able to return to America following a major gastrointestinal blood transfusion, which required ten pints of blood. Thanks to Dr. Weinberg I made it home without a catastrophe. My wife and I are totally convinced that Dr. Weinberg's daily watching me 'like a hawk' in Thailand, saved my life." ....Jerry