Patient Individuality

How will you be treated uniquely at Marc Weinberg MD Personal Healthcare, Ltd.?

Your individuality and secure communication with Dr. Weinberg will form a true connection of unique and positive experiences. This distinctive and personal bond will be jointly nurtured to integrate trust, familiarity and comfort in your Doctor-Patient relationship. This extraordinarily unique opportunity to share with Dr. Weinberg your innermost private issues, may afford you a path to work with him, rather than necessarily be referred to outside consultants in order to obtain counsel or treatment.

At Marc Weinberg MD Personal Healthcare, Ltd, Dr. Weinberg will be your quarterback, team leader and heath advocate to ensure you receive the very best care from medical specialists. When feasible, Dr. Weinberg may conduct a conference call with multiple specialists and/or emergency room doctors while you listen in his office. In this way, doctors and hospital staffs will not be telling you, "Your doctor never called or faxed to us your medical records." By enhancing communication between all physicians and ancillary medical personnel, your care will be continuous and efficient.