Dr. Weinberg holds an M.D. degree from Boston University School of Medicine.     He was an intern in Internal Medicine at Georgetown University Medical     Center, completed a residency in Internal Medicine in the Tufts- New England     Medical Center, and a fellowship in Nephrology at Boston University Medical     Center.

    Dr. Weinberg is Board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology.

    After serving a career in academic medicine and research in the basic     sciences, he was founder of Hypertension & Nephrology, Inc., where he was     managing partner since 1986. Recently, he accepted a position as Chief     Clinical Operating Officer and national Director of Clinical Research for DSI     Renal, Inc.
He is Clinical Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, and chief of the Nephrology / Hypertension Division at Roger Williams Medical Center (an affiliated teaching hospital with Boston University School of Medicine).

Dr. Weinberg is an expert in the Kallikrein-Kininogen-Kinin System which plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure and tissue blood flow, salt and water balance, and atherosclerosis. Dr. Weinberg was the first investigator to publish the use of supramaximal doses of antihypertensive agents (Angiotensin Receptor Blockers) to reduce proteinuria, as a treatment to preserve kidney function in subjects with protein leakage in the kidney. National and international studies were established and published to support his theories.

He has lectured internationally in countries such as India, Japan, and Israel, throughout Eastern and Western Europe, and North America. He serves as Chief of Nephrology at the Roger Williams Medical Center, a Boston University Affiliated Hospital, in Providence, RI. For nearly fifteen years, he served on the Board of Directors of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, and was Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the PPAC Committee most recently until his retirement in May, 2006. He is a past president of the American Heart Association, Rhode Island Affiliate, and of the National Kidney Foundation, Rhode Island affiliate.

As Principal Investigator of numerous clinical trials for drugs related to the treatment of Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes, Renal bone disease and anemia, he has almost 100 publications. In 2004, Dr. Weinberg was Inducted into the Collegium and Academy of Distinguished Alumni of the Boston University College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He received the Distinguished National Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America and completed an important study of medical care to our war heroes and veterans as Vice-Chairman of a Blue Ribbon Commission appointed by the Rhode Island Legislature on Veteran Affairs.