Added Benefits

Will my medical record be available in an emergency?
  • Dr. Weinberg was part of a team of physicians from Medical Information Management Systems that developed the first internet accessible, paperless medical record system in Nashville, TN, in the 1990's. This system is currently in over 40 states, managing hospitals, dialysis units, surgical and imaging centers, physician practices and large state institutional facilities. Currently, he utilizes Eclinical Medical Records. Every reasonable effort will be made to permit you access through a secure web portal through which you can (i) access your medical records and summaries, (ii) access your lab results and reports, and (iii) make office appointments. If internet access via an electronic medical records system is not available, you will be provided with a hard copy of your medical records or a CDROM, flash drive or similar form of technology on which you may maintain a copy of your personal medical record.
How will my prescriptions be refilled?
  • While you are in the office, your new prescriptions and refills will be electronically prescribed or faxed to the pharmacy before you leave to minimize your waiting time at your pharmacy. At night and weekends, non-routine prescriptions will be called to your pharmacist, or electronically sent.
Emergency Room
  • Dr. Weinberg will communicate with the emergency room staff and in most cases contact the necessary specialist, which may help to expedite your care.
  • Dr. Weinberg is on staff at the Miriam Hospital, Roger Williams Medical Center, Rhode Island Hospital, and other area hospitals.
Second opinions
  • IIn many cases of newly diagnosed medical diseases or problems that need a fresh approach for treatment, Dr. Weinberg will discuss your case with selected nationally acclaimed specialists and colleagues. Dr. Weinberg is a strong advocate for second and sometimes third opinions during a life-threatening serious illness. He will be your health advocate and partner who will walk you through this problem.
When I am sick will I always see Dr. Weinberg?
  • When you are sick Dr. Weinberg will treat you for your medical problem. Whether after the onset of a new disease, or during your personalized comprehensive physical examination, you will see Dr. Weinberg when you schedule an appointment. Your appointment will not be conducted by physician extenders such as Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants, who have become commonplace in medical practices.
Will I have any assistance in making appointments for tests?
  • The staff at Marc Weinberg MD Personal Healthcare, Ltd. will help to synchronize your medical assessment and treatment plan of consultation, testing, and diagnosis to supervise evaluation of your clinical syndrome of disease.