About Us

Marc Weinberg M.D. Personal Healthcare, Ltd. will diagnose and manage your healthcare needs through a comprehensive approach. A main component of this proactive approach will be the maintenance and emphasis on your Wellness Program, which focuses on disease prevention and the Bale Doneen Method (BDM) of heart attack & stroke prevention.

Since most primary care physicians in America have practices comprised of 4000 patients, in order to maximize your personalized care, Dr. Weinberg will strictly limit Marc Weinberg MD Personal Healthcare, Ltd. to a maximum of 250 individuals. Since daily openings in Dr. Weinberg's schedule will be tactically placed for sick visits which require immediate attention, you will not have long waiting room delays. During your requested office visit, each medical concern will be addressed to your satisfaction. The utilization of all communicative technology available will allow Dr. Weinberg to establish the most reasonable, and educated solutions for your primary care needs.

Your health and wellness plan will include a state of the art lipid, diet, nutrition, Bale Doneen Method (BDM), vascular and blood vessel program to optimize your health.

Dr. Weinberg's accessibility and rapid response will help you through any health care issues that may arise at any time or place. When you travel, Dr. Weinberg will travel with you via phone and internet. Whether locally, or in unfamiliar cities, you will be able to confer with him to focus on your health care needs.

You will be provided with the results of your blood vessel and disease analysis treatment plan on a USB chip, including your CIMT (carotid cholesterol artery test), laboratory analysis from Cleveland Heart, Singulex and Quest labs, your examination, EKG and other reports. In addition, you will be given access to your medical records over a secure internet portal.

Patients with proteinuria (protein leakage form the kidneys) or aortic aneurysms will receive innovative new therapies in order to optimize reduction of proteinuria or regression of aortic aneurysms with medical therapy as Dr. Weinberg has published.